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The economics of clean code

Posted Thu Feb 06 2020

Clean code makes projects more comfortable to work with and improves shelf life. Its the antagonist of vile legacy codebases that are unmaintainable. Then why do we see it all the time?

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Messy cables

What your admin panel tells us about your company

Posted Fri May 28 2021

One of the first things I do when I join a new project is checking out the admin panel, that's even before I see a single line of code. Why? It tells us so much about the company and the mindset of the project.

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Atomic commits: telling stories with git

Posted Wed Dec 06 2017

These days I’m all into atomic commits and it really made my work beter. Never heard of that concept? No worries, let me introduce you to it

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The integration operation segregation principle

Posted Mon Oct 08 2018

Not so long in a conversation the words “Integration Operation Segregation Principle” casually got dropped by Pim. What the hell is IOSP?

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The simple class

Posted Tue Apr 02 2019

A value object is a small class that holds a value with a tiny bit of extra logic surrounding it. Sounds simple enough right?

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The y2k38 bug: the biggest news craze of the year 2038

Posted Sat Jul 01 2017

In 2038 a bug that will apear that might trigger a strong feeling of déjàvu to the Y2k craze. The Y2k38 bug seems to come at a very random moment, but it all makes sense if we apply a bit of computer science to it.

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Broken abandoned windows

The broken windows theory or “why some projects are just destined to suck

Posted Sun Jun 11 2017

Why is it that most legacy software projects are not really fun to work on? How can we stop that greenfield project to turn into one of those dull big projects? I would argue that it’s all in the foundation.

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